Are we still on?

. . . is anyone besides Jen still on this thing and interested in participating?

I see the posts--all of them Jen's, at this point--and need to respond to the last few. I haven't put anything up for a while myself, for three reasons:

1. I keep forgetting;

2. The way I work, by the time my turn rolls around again I've already added another six chapters, which makes it difficult to put things up;

3. I don't know that anyone but Jen will read and comment. And I can show them to her any time. :)

Not trying to be difficult, and if people are still interested in continuing this that's awesome. But it's been dead-quiet from everyone else (including me) for a long time, so I figured I'd raise the question.
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If you notice the look of this community keeps shifting, it is because I am working on customizing it so we can use tags effectively. Please bear with me. ;)

Sorry about yesterday

I'm not working on fiction right now so I didn't have anything to post. I meant to say so, and forgot.

After I finish my current project I'll be turning back to the Warhammer novel, so I should have chapters again next week or the week after.

I will be culling the list soon, perhaps this weekend. Then I'll see about adding a few new people in. Hopefully we can get this joint hopping again.


I am guessing you missed the post last week...found here... but Please take note! of said post!
It would be sad to see you go xochitl42, tashaar, and dochyel!
And whulfdan and terrestrialboy? It would be cool to see your writing (I already have seen and have liked everyone else's)

And, since I know people have taken undue offense in the past at my enthusiasm for keeping this group running, I am not acting as a moderator here...I am just hoping to make sure that you saw what our fearless leader posted last week.



I just went through and added tags to my story entries so they would be easier to locate. LJ recognizes that I have entered a tag, but it is not a clickable link. Can the rest of you see it?